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Jamie Hazlett Reviews:
I hired Jamie for a complicated civil suit that arose from a divorce that her office also helped me with. Jamie is a fantastic attorney that's very knowledgeable in the law and she really cares. Jamie went way above and beyond to help me and did a job that I don't think any other attorney could have simply because she cared that people were getting a raw deal. "I wasn't just a paycheck to her".... From my family to you Jamie, Thank you and God bless....

-Adrian 7/24/2016
Jessica Pedemonte Reviews:
I would recommend Jessica to anyone needing help, even if you are just wondering if you have a case. She saw me within a day, which was great because I was on a time crunch. She wasn't able to take my case because of the type of case it was. She was honest and didn't want to put me in a position of trial and error in order to learn a new branch of law. However, she gave me some great advice and boosted my confidence in what I thought was a grim outlook for me. She gave me some great referrals and I am on my way to what I believe will be a successful outcome for myself. Not only that, but when she couldn't take my case she refunded my consultation fee. She unknowingly helped me do exactly what I came to see her for. Jessica is intelligent and professional but compassionate, which is hard to find nowadays.

-Destiny 3/10/2017