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After a divorce, the court may award spousal support to one of the former spouses. This can be based on a prior agreement between the couple or a decision by the court itself. If spouses have been married for years, or if one spouse's income is significantly higher than the other, it is likely that spousal payments will be required.

An experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about Oregon spousal support laws can provide a reasonably accurate range of possible outcomes based on a couple's circumstances. At Hazlett &Associates in Medford, Oregon, our attorneys have handled hundreds of spousal support cases successfully.
Returning of the Rings - Spousal Support in Medford,, OR
  • Transitional spousal support: Allows a party some time to update their education or work skills and / or re-enter the workforce after a long absence.

  • Maintenance spousal support: Allows a party to maintain a standard of living when they are unable to be wholly self-sufficient. Most of the time, there is a large disparity between the spouses' earning potential.

  • Compensatory spousal support: Awarded in limited circumstances when a spouse has made a significant financial or other contribution to the other spouse's education or career.
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