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When you are faced with the prospect of divorce, a number of questions will be raised regarding what happens to your property, children, and other assets. There are a wide range of possible outcomes in every divorce. To give yourself the best possible outcome, you will need to hire an experienced family law attorney who is current on the changing divorce laws in Oregon.

At Hazlett & Associates, both Hazlett and Associates have over 10 years' experience handling divorce negotiations in Medford, Oregon and surrounding areas. As spouses and parents themselves, you can trust that they completely understand your concerns and how best to advocate for your situation.
Couple meeting with a divorce lawyer in Medford, OR
Our entire legal team will provide you with top-notch legal services tailored to your unique needs. From uncontested divorces to divorce litigation involving complex assets, we are prepared to go the distance to make sure your well-being is protected. Let us help you begin this next chapter of your life on the best footing possible. Call our office today!