Child Custody in Medford, Oregon



One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is the matter of child custody. Which parent should retain custody of the children - the mother, father, or both? If the parents cannot come to 100% agreement themselves, the matter will need to be decided in court. To protect your interests, as well as the best interests of the child(ren) involved, you'll need help from a compassionate lawyer who is knowledgable about custody law in the state of Oregon.

When deciding who should have custody, the court considers several factors, such as who can facilitate the relationship with the other parents, as well as issues with substance abuse, domestic violence issues, and family relationships. The outcome will typically be joint or sole legal custody.
Mother and Daughter Hugging - Child Custody in Medford,, OR
Having handled hundreds of cases in Medford, Oregon and surrounding areas, Jamie Hazlett and Associates from Hazlett & Associates are experts in all areas relating to child custody. Rest assured that they will present a compelling case for retaining custody of your children.
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