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Aggressive & affordable legal services for family & criminal law

Family Law

Divorce, Adoption, Guardianship and more.

Criminal Law

DUII, Assault, and many more.


Divorce Attorney

Child and Spousal Support services and many more.


Family Law & Criminal Defense Practice Located in Medford Oregon

Attorney Jaime HazlettEvery person will need a lawyer at some point in their life; why not choose an attorney who can truly serve and represent you in all matters, large and small? No matter what you and your family may be facing, you need a lawyer you can trust and depend on for any type of legal concern you may have. Whether you are facing a traffic ticket or a DUII, looking to adopt or seeking a divorce, drawing up a will or facing a felony, Jamie L. Hazlett has the kind of outstanding legal and courtroom skills to serve your family’s best interests. Jamie Hazlett, Jessica Pedemonte, and the skilled legal team at The Law Office of Jamie L. Hazlett can guide and counsel you, defend and protect you, and preserve your constitutional rights when you are dealing with the complexities of the legal system in our country today.avvo image

Jamie L. Hazlett went into the practice of law in order to help people in all walks of life deal with the intricacies of our legal system. She was admitted to the bar in 2007, and then spent two years working at one of Medford’s top law firms, Grantland, Blodgett, Shaw & Abel, LLP. In 2009, Jamie Hazlett decided to open her own law practice so that she could focus on her true passion – helping people with both family and criminal legal issues in a dedicated and affordable way. Jamie Hazlett has the kind of skill, knowledge and experience to help you and your family in your time of need.

Habla espanol? The law practice of Jamie Hazlett proudly offers to provide an interpreter for all in person consultations as well as phone contact for all of our Spanish speaking clients.

Few attorneys can offer the broad range of legal services that The Law Office of Jamie L. Hazlett can provide. Jamie Hazlett has made it her mission to provide her clients with exceptional counsel in the following areas:

Family Law: Family Law is a broad specialty that governs all areas of family relationships. Divorce and the many varied issues that surround divorce are certainly matters that Family Law covers. However, there are a number of other legal issues that Family Law also deals with, issues that most people never realize they will face in the course of their lifetime. Prenuptial agreements, adoptions, wills & estates, domestic partnerships, paternity, parental rights, guardianship, juvenile law, and domestic violence are all matters which require the services of an attorney that specializes in Family Law, and Jamie Hazlett can offer you truly comprehensive and expert legal counsel in all areas pertaining to Family Law.

Attorney Jessica PedemonteCriminal Law: Criminal Law covers the rules and procedures of the criminal justice system as it applies to all misdemeanor (minor) and felony (major) criminal charges. The scope of Criminal Law is very broad, and covers a wide variety of offenses, from traffic violations and petty theft to white collar crimes and federal felonies. The severity of punishments is equally broad, and reflects the seriousness of whatever crime was committed. No matter how minor or major the crime is, if it is a criminal case, it is critical to have an attorney at your side that has the expertise and skill to handle all levels of the criminal court system, and Jamie Hazlett is a gifted litigator who is adept in the myriad procedures that the criminal court system entails.

Back in the day, a lawyer was hired and retained by a family for years. The “family lawyer” became a trusted advisor, and was the one a family turned to turn for legal counsel, direction, and aid throughout life’s ups and downs. Jamie Hazlett has established the kind of law firm that can see your family through any legal need or crisis. She is a skilled and aggressive attorney who can be a shrewd negotiator, a compassionate mediator, or an insightful advisor – whatever your needs may be. When Jamie L. Hazlett is your attorney, you know you have the best of both worlds: the proficiency and expertise to handle every legal need you may have, coupled with the kind of integrity that you know you can trust – for a lifetime!